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Martin has written 14 feature films, one a year every year, three have been optioned, and two were commissions and DEATH, his 14th script is currently in production.

Martin has a Masters degree in Screenwriting from LCC, London.

The following scripts have all been through a development process, and are available as completed drafts.

death by Martin GoochDeathtrap Dungeon
Based on the hugely successful multimillion selling Fighting Fantasy games books, (with permission from the author)
Genre: Fantasy Action/Adventure
Tagline: A moral dilemma in a fantasy world.
Concept: Tomb Raider meets Lord of the Rings.

Deat Martin GoochWere-pig
Genre: Comedy/Horror
Tag line: There’s something nasty in the pig shed!
A comedy horror about a girl who turns into a Werepig, like a were-wolf only a pig. 
Concept: American were-wolf in London meets Monty P ython & Shaun of the Dead.

Bad Company

Adapted from the 2000AD graphic novel of the same name (with permission).
Genre: Future War – Science Fiction
Tagline: Meet the nightmare division.
Concept: Starship Troopers meets Apocalypse Now

Wicked Victor

Genre: A dark love story.
Tagline: The soul is just the parasite of the body
Concept: Dogma meets Bedazzled.
Synopsis: Cupid is missing. Gods AWOL. The Devils in charge. Love is pouring out of the world like a sliced aorta…

In Spite of London
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Tag line: How hard is London?
Concept: A Black Comedy with a heart of gold: Notting Hill meets Pirates of the Caribbean meets Cinema Paradiso in London.

Bite Nite

Genre: WW2 Vampire Action Adventure
Tagline: Which is worse: Vampires working for Nazis or Nazis working for Vampires?
Concept: Raiders of the Lost Ark meets Van Helsing

The Universe of Geoffrey Brown

Genre: Drama.
Taglines: Space - where nobody can hear you dream....
Concept: A man, a telescope, the British government… What could possibly go wrong?

Driver Butler

Genre: WW2 drama with darkly comedic moments.
Tag line: It’s not where you’re from, but where you are that matters.
Concept: The Three Kings meets Ice Cold in Alex.

Hello Mr. X!

Genre: A comedy about comedy.
Tagline: A Focumentry: (a film and a documentary) about a man who wants to be a stand up comedian.
Concept: Spinal Tap with stand up comedy instead of Heavy metal.

Slightly Psychic Detective

Genre: A comedy with many genres, mostly Film Noir, also Period Drama, Slasher, Sci Fi and Rom Com
Tagline: He knows what you’re thinking!
Concept: China town meets X files meets Monty Python.