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Gooch started making crappy animations when he was 18. They've thankfully all been lost in the mists of time, but a few of his student films remain with instructions to be destroyed if anyone actually wants to watch them.

Short Films:

The Priscillas: All the way to holloway watch film

I met the Pricillars ages ago when they were on tour with the Damned, then they judged a film competeition with one of my films in - which didnt win...

I realy liked them and wanted to do another pop promo so here it is.

The Negotiator (2009) watch film
A one minute epic Imade for the movie mogul film competition.
Which I won.

The Lift (2008) watch film
The quality of your life can go up as well as down
I made this with students at East 15 Drama school. They improvised it all and then we shot it in one day. The editing and music took 4 months but that’s rock and roll, baby.

The Gravity of Belief (2008) watch film
(Starring Alexandria Beck and Paul Ready)

Ever wonder where all the missing people go?

This film actually took longer to make than Titanic, but I’m not quite sure why. It is, possibly, my most favourite film that I have made so far, apart from the ones I like more.

* Nominated for best film, Rushes Soho Shorts Film Festival 2008
* Nominated for best film, 5th London short film festival 2008
* Runner up at the Fortean Times Screening, Jan 2008

Don't Even think It! (2006) watch film
(Starring Pippa Hinchley, Miranda Hart & Edward Rawle-Hicks)

A Psi-Fi Comedy.

Sometimes things really are not what they seem… Ginny and Neville stop to pick up Boz, a wayward hitchhiker, who works as a medium and can communicate with the dead. She gives Neville a message from his recently departed grandmother…
Famous Author Jasper Fforde wrote this for me, which was nice.
*Screened at 5 international festivals so far.

Farewell Routemaster! (2006) watch film
(Starring Pippa Hinchley & James Love)

This film was made to commemorate the passing into history of the much loved Routemaster bus. It only took a day to shoot and a day to edit.

It was shot as part of the Farewell Routemaster competition:

*Two sold out London screenings
*Available on DVD!

Eddie's Sticky End (2006 directors cut) watch film
(Starring Jason Attar, Lizzie Roper, Mark Felgate & Charlie Lemmer)
Something was eating his lard!
I made this film in 2003, but was never really happy with the edit, so re-cut it in 2006. One day I might re-cut it again. I made it to prove that I could make something shot on Digi beta look as good as Film. A lot of people think it was shot on film. But it wasn’t.
This film has received extremely high praise for its look and cinematography.
*Best of the Fest! Raindance Film festival 2003
*Screened at 5 film festivals, including Cannes, and Edinburgh

Paul Foot's unpleasantness show (2005)
(starring Paul Foot)

Paul foot is a comedy genius (according to Paul Foot) and asked me to Direct his TV pilot, which I did. The funny bits are fantastic. I hope to work with Paul again one day.

Sketches for HGTV (Wales) (2002)
HGTV commissioned me to write Direct and perform in half a dozen or so Comedy sketches. I am very fond of my two remakes: one of Braveheart and one of Bladerunner…

Arthur's Amazing Things (2002) watch film
(Starring Leslie Phillips, Lindsey Dawn McKenzie, Emily Booth, Mark Felgate & Jon DeVille)

A moral tale with no morals…
It’s a film about a man who invents things to impress the girl of his dreams. Another film about inventions then.
This is still my most lavish and expensive short to date: Shot on 35mm with the incredibly talented Emily Booth, Leslie Phillips and Lindsey Dawn McKenzie, it went on to festivals all over the world, the BBC screened it more than 10 times and it was a winner with BBC talent Best New Directors 2002!
It is probably the film that ‘launched’ (ahem) my career.

*BBC New Film Makers Award Winner (2002)
*Audience Award Winner Kimeracine Film Festival Italy 2003
*Sunday Telegraph ‘Pick of the Fringe’ Edinburgh Festival 2003
*Screened eight times by the BBC
*Nine international sales

Afflictions: The Curse of Ian Spatchcock(2001) watch film
(staring Jason Attar & A bloke we met in the corridor)

I made this film in a day and a half, and consider it a bit ‘basic’ but it then went on to be a winner with BBC New talent, and a lot of people confusingly, tell me it is there favourite film. Not bad for £70.
*BBC Talent Finalist 2001
*Screened on BBC2 & BBC3.

No Surrender (2000)
(Starring Chris Adamson)
What if you were in a commercial and you didn’t even know it?
I really wanted to work with Chris, so wrote this for him. It looks great, but never felt happy with it.

The Orgasm Raygun (1998) watch film
(Starring Leslie Phillips, Linal Haft & Justin)

One man and his shed

A film all about a man who invents an Orgasm Raygun and what happens to him.
This was my first real short made outside of college. It has been very popular and been screen all over the world at more than 25 film festivals.
Working with Linal was brilliant, but he moved to Oz.
It was really all done as an excuse to meet Leslie Phillips.
Here is a link to The Orgasm Raygun at the four word review page:

The Horn(1995) watch film
(Starring Martin Gooch)

One man and his horn.
A lot of people tell me this is their favourite Gooch film. Which is really sad as I made it in 1995, it took 30 seconds and it cost about £2:50 for the tape.
This has been screened at lots of festivals as a supporting micro film to my short films.

Student Films:

The Remarkable Mr. Root(1995)
My graduation film. Ideas from this keep cropping up in my later films.

Dog Dirt Afternoon (animation). (1995)
My last foray into the world of animation. I’ve got lots of ideas for animation films, they are just too fiddly for me.

The Appointment(1995)
This is the prequel to Eddie’s Sticky End. (and possibly far better).
 The Astonishing Catalogues of Mr. Gate and Mr. Spore(1994)
My 2nd Year student film. It’s fucking brilliant, but unfortunately lost in time. I don’t think a decent copy exists, at least not in this dimension. In dimension 7/B9 it is considered a religious Icon, and is played on constant loop in all main churches.

Documentaries (Director):

Toby’s Footprint (2008) watch film
I made this for Sky’s environmental channel Green Shoots. It proves that I am capable of dealing with serious issues, even if only for one minute.

The Amara House (2007)
In 2007 we went to Romania to make a doco about what happened to the Orphans we were all so appalled to see more than ten years ago. Well what did happen to them? If you watch this you might know a little bit more.
This trip to Romania changed the way I will view the world for ever. And I strongly believe that if the people in the developed western world spent more time travelling to the more depressed and underdeveloped parts of the world, instead of just thinking of the world as a cheap holiday destination, then the world would be a far far better place.amsn

George and Martin (2006) watch film
Martin Gooch Interviews George W. Bush

In 2006 George W. Bush decided he wanted to raise his profile, and be interviewed by a few up and coming film makers. Having seen and enjoyed The Orgasm Raygun, his office called me up, and flew me to the White House to do this short interview.
(NB. This is not even remotely true).

TV (Director):
Code 9, Drama BBC/Kudos – interactive.
Hollyoaks, C4, 5 episodes, Soap/drama, Channel 4
Undercover girl (pilot) Newmetv
Lyndsey Collins (pilot) BBC

Hollyoaks, C4, 5 episodes, Soap/drama, Channel 4
Spooks, Drama Series, Webisodes, Kudos/BBC1
Doctors, ‘Out of Control’, Drama Series, BBC1
Doctors, ‘Impropriety’, Drama Series, BBC1
Doctors, ‘Undying Love’, Drama Series, BBC1

Doctors, ‘The Kindest Cut, Drama Series, BBC1
Doctors, ‘Mixed Messages’, Drama Series, BBC1
Doctors, ‘Everyone a winner!’ Drama Series, BBC1

Pop Videos:

Four pop videos I directed:
Tiny Land "Get It Right" (1998)
"Earth Vs The Cosmos” (2000)
"Independent Man" (2003)
The Firm
“Football Anthem 2006” (2006)

Film Challenges:
Gooch has made two 24 hour film challenges:

The Trail (Cannes 2005)
 *Runner Up, Cannes International Film Festival 2005

Dead by Dawn (Halloween 2006)
 * Runner up

And two 48 hour film challenge:

Dreadlines (2005)
*Runner Up, IMAX Horror Film Challenge 2005

Cross Reference (2003)           
*Winner Best Comedy, 48hr Film Challenge 2003